13 December 2013

My Blueberry Cheese Tart Debut!

Hi Friends,

Friday has arrived..and another 11 days more to go before Christmas comes! Where has the time gone to?? The whole year goes by in a dash..especially when you are so busy. My little baby now has already grown up into a toddler..3 days ago she turned 14 Months old. She is full of energy and is learning and exploring everyday. And she never ceased to amazed us every single day :)

Well moving along to my baking adventure now!
Last night I've made a dozen of blueberry cheese tart. Big Thank You for your order Adie!! And thank you for the trust! This was an order made by my office colleague. Since this was my first time making the blueberry cheese tart and it is for a colleague of mine...I was quite nervous about it. Upset that it won't turn out good. But alas! it was just lovely and according to him and the rest of the gang..it is indeed delicious..and he commented that he will be a continuous customer for these lovely little blueberry cheese tart. How glad was I the turn out was more than alright :)

  Till my next post!

Warmest Regards,
Elisa @ 1780 CUPCAKES

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♥ The Best Little Cupcakes In Penampang & Kota Kinabalu ♥

♥ The Best Little Cupcakes In Penampang & Kota Kinabalu ♥


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