18 November 2010

My Baking Affair

Hi All..

It has been a busy & yet great on the same time for me this month! Though please do apologize for my semi-long absent from updating my site, however, I am back and wanna share what I've been up to during my absent.

As some of you may know that from my profile in facebook that I've made the decision that to give something back to society especially for those in need, as in this case..the Joy & Share charity program . What I hope to achieve from giving this specially made cupcakes for these children was to make them feel happy when seeing & enjoying the cupcakes. I heard this saying before that " to be happy is to make someone feel happy" , that is so true indeed. Just imagine yourself in their shoe, how would you feel without proper food,roof under your head every single day. It's really sad. That is why we need to re-evaluate our way of living sometimes, we intend to take things for granted in life. My best advice for you, not you exactly..but just my 2 cent opinion..at least this is what I usually tell myself..be grateful with what you have before you start complaining bout your life of something you haven't got..I am not saying don't stop to dream & attain your dreams/goals, but don't whined about everything! For example, you complain that you don't have the latest handphone,game,shoes,blouse,etc.
Anyway, here's what I gave to the great kids in St.Theresa (Kota Marudu). You guys are awesome! 

Last Monday..I did the same theme for a young girl's party as she choose it from the Joy & Share cupcakes I've made earlier. Here was the final result~~

The following day I've made Red Velvet with Cream cheese frosting for my soon to-be-sister-in-law..hehehehe. I hope she enjoys it as much as we did! I had a great time in baking & frosting all these cupcakes, not even one was neglected with focus & dedication. I hope you guys like it, or better..love it!

Very moist & soft of Red Velvet Cupcake with fluffy delicious Cream Cheese Frosting
P/S: These red velvet cupcake is another great new recipe, will use this from now on.

~The Packaging~

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site, I hope you had a great time reading & looking my posts as much as I had fun doing all these. God bless~

Till my next post all! Have a great day & count your blessings alright ;)

 Warmest Regards;
Elisa the baker~

04 November 2010

Taking Christmas Orders

Friends & Family,

Red & Green..White & Silver..awww...Christmas..the warm & happiness it brings to our hearts. It just never stops..it brings such a wonderful feeling to each of us..the gathering of family and friends..the happiness of seeing and catching up with them and also the hope & faith to our Lord. What a rejoice & joy!

1780 CUPCAKES would like to be part of this joyous occasion that you celebrating with your loved ones, what's more amazing than a homemade goodness during that time of the year. 1780 does not only do cupcakes..but also cakes as well. Please check out the gallery/menu for more info. Below are some which made by me in the past, but not limited. If you need further info, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be more than glad to help. 

Almond Pound Cake

Almond Walnut Brownies

Dark Chocolate Walnut Pound Cake

Xmas Yule Log Cake

Vanilla Moist Cupcake with Buttercream Topped with Fondant

Cherry Almond Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream topped with Flower Sugar

Soft Vanilla Cupcake with Rich Chocolate Buttercream

Almond Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes with Pink Vanilla Buttercream
Rich Chocolate Chip with Nuts Cookies

Beef Lasagna
(Contains cheese sauce,generous amount of mince beef,3 types of cheese)
Great for family gatherings!

01 November 2010

November Promotion!! You don't want to miss this!!

Hi Friends!

I come bearing good news for all the cupcakes lovers out there! It's a new month, it's November! And so here at 1780 CUPCAKES, will be giving away half a dozen(6 pieces) of cupcakes for FREE..when you order 1 Dozen (12pieces) all for the price of 1 Dozen..with no hidden charges!   

Only The first 15 people to order 1 Dozen Cupcakes will get half a dozen for FREE! So please hurry up, you can order by Calling/SMS/PM/FB MSG me.

Till my next post ..Have a great day!!

Weekend Baking

Hi Friends,

How was your weekend last week ? I hope it was a good one, taking some rest from work & spending some quality time with family & loved ones or perhaps catching up with your buddies. Whatever it was..I hope you guys had a great time. Well..as for me I was baking cakes for an order by a customer..not just any customer..it was my aunt..she requested a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for her granddaughter; Amani, who is turning 2 on Sunday (31st October). How time flies she's already coming to 2 years old. 
And so, I baked the cake in the afternoon of Saturday and made the frosting at night. This was a tested recipe so I know it's delicious and my family do enjoy this cake, I hope my aunt's family will enjoy this too!

Happy Birthday Amani! 

Moist Carrot Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting(1)  

Moist Carrot Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting(2)

Till my next post... =)

♥ The Best Little Cupcakes In Penampang & Kota Kinabalu ♥

♥ The Best Little Cupcakes In Penampang & Kota Kinabalu ♥


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