07 January 2014

Goodbye 2013..Welcome 2014!!

Hi Friends!

First of..Happy New Year 2014!! I hope all of you had a wonderful and joyful Christmas with your loved ones :) and had great celebration during New Years' Eve! My Christmas celebration with my family was wonderful and a bit chaotic! Hahaha.. well, you know families that's what is all about :)  My family and I went to attend the Christmas mass in the morning and had our breakfast at home, I continued my baking till late afternoon and deliver the last order somewhere around 5pm+ , by that time I got ready for our Christmas family gathering..we did abit of baking and BBQ :) yumm!!
I had my last Christmas order on that day (25th Dec) and was so busy! but I really enjoyed baking & frosting your cupcakes and cakes. Thank you so much for your orders friends! Really appreciate it so much!!  I took time off from work (office) for Christmas holidays till New Years' Eve and got bonding time with my baby girl (Chloe) my little pumpkin! and during the NY Eve's hubby brought us out for Dinner @ GK.. though there was lots of customers there at time..we arrived ngam2 they were about to go..most of them..then we don't really have to wait the Q..hehehe. We had a lovely time..especially little pumpkin! I just love moments like these :))  We went back home almost 11pm, and reaching our hse just in time for NY countdown and watching the fireworks. I was carrying my Chloe from one end to another end of the house just so we can catch and watch the beautiful fireworks! So much fun! :) Before New Year, hubby and I read our tokens of good memories from our one year collections. It's the small notes we wrote about what lovely/great moments we have on a particular day in that year and only opening it during NY's Eve :)  a great way to look back of great memories happen in that particular year. Give it a try, if u want to :)

Below were some of the Christmas orders, Thank You so much dear friends!

Till my next post! Have a wonderful New Year!

Warm Regards!
Elisa @ 1780 Cupcakes

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♥ The Best Little Cupcakes In Penampang & Kota Kinabalu ♥


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