07 September 2010

Another Great Cupcake Time!

Hi guys!

It was a bit crazy in the kitchen during the 4th September early morning, as usual I was preparing my amazing cupcakes on this time of the week when in the that tiny moment my whole tray of carrot cupcakes feel on the floor as a result of sliding! It was a wreck, well of course I have to throw it out..better luck next time as I know better! Fortunately, the other cupcakes are doing well. 
On this week I managed to make fondant decorations for my vanilla cupcakes, it looks like I was having a baby girl shower..as I used a pink color for my fondant. The shapes that I had made was an ice-cream cone & butterfly..and they looked so girly..and I loved it! Wished that I've made that for my niece's fullmoon which happened few months ago! Oh well, maybe I can make for her during her birthday! Exciting! 

Here are some of the cupcakes that I managed to snapped of my bake sale last week. I hope you like it :)
P/s: There are still more room for improvement :)

Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream topped with Ice-Cream Cone & Butterfly Shaped Fondant

Apple Cupcakes with Buttercream

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♥ The Best Little Cupcakes In Penampang & Kota Kinabalu ♥


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