20 August 2010

Cookies for The Upcoming Hari Raya!!

Greetings Family & Friends!!

In conjunction with the upcoming Hari Raya Celebration next month, 1780 CUPCAKES will be having its cookies sale!! Yes,that's right!  Hari Raya Cookies will be in a form of sugar cookies. Sugar cookie has a very rich buttery flavor. How it is done? There are three(3) types of sizes as this type of cookie are shaped using cookie cutters. There are small,medium & large size cookie cutter. Customers may opt to choose from either of these 3 sizes. Each sizes of these cookie cutter comes in few shapes, customers may choose any shapes they like as long as each shapes are from the same size categories.

Sugar Cookie
Medium Size Cookie Cutter
RM17 (Min.Order=2 Dozen)

1st Line:
Small Size Cookie Cutter Shapes

2nd Line:
Medium Size Cookie Cutter Shapes

3rd Line:
Large Size Cookie Cutter Shapes

Price for Each Size

Small Cookie Cutter :
3 Dozen (minimum order) = RM15 (3 Dozen)

Medium Cookie Cutter :
2 Dozen (minimum order) = RM17 (2 Dozen)

Large Cookie Cutter:
1 Dozen (minimum order) = RM20 (1 Dozen)

Each cookie will be design in 3 types of color using quality royal icing. 
Each order will be given a good deal of dedication as each customer is important.
Please allow for 3-4 days notice when ordering.
All customers are encouraged to place orders in advance to avoid disappointment.

Till then...Happy Baking Lurve!

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♥ The Best Little Cupcakes In Penampang & Kota Kinabalu ♥

♥ The Best Little Cupcakes In Penampang & Kota Kinabalu ♥


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